Council on Aging

Established:  Article 14, Special Town Meeting 10/20/71; acceptance of Ch. 40, Sec. 8B .
Appointed By: The Town Administrator

Membership: 7 members for 3 year terms, 7/1/74 amended to conform to establishment of Dept. of Public Affairs, 2019 ATM Article #31 Amended to reduce to 5 members, 2 voting alternates in the absent of a quorum.

The mission of the Carver Council on Aging is to identify the needs, interests, and concerns of Carver's senior community and in response develop and implement programs and services that address these.  The goal of these endeavors is for the senior community to maintain their independent lifestyle with dignity, while enriching their quality of life.  
For more information about the Council on Aging programs and activities please visit the Friends of Carver COA at:






Peggy Wood

8:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Monday - Friday
(508) 866-4698 x1

Heidi Lufkin-Miles

Outreach Facilitator
8 AM - 4 PM
Monday - Friday
(508) 866-4698 x2

June Benson

Site Manager
8 AM - 3 PM
Mon - Thurs,12:30 Fri
(508) 866-4698 x4

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Heidi Lufkin-Miles Outreach Worker (508) 866-4698 x2
Connie Kelly COA Director (508) 866-4698 x3

Board Members

Name Title
Helen Marrone Secretary
Donna Forand Chair
Elaine Raymond Member
Mary DuRoss Member
Alan Dunham Member
Michael Nicolazzo Voting Alternate
Louise Walsh Voting alternate