Welcome to the Moderator’s page of the Carver Town website.

The Moderator oversees Town Meeting, which functions as the Town's legislative branch. All decisions on spending, bylaws and zoning are made at Town Meeting.

Unlike many other cities or towns, where people need to be elected to the legislative branch, Carver runs an Open Town Meeting. That means any registered voter can attend Town Meeting and speak and vote on any issue before the meeting. Everyone has an equal voice and an equal vote at Town Meeting. It's direct democracy and a New England tradition from Colonial times.

Check this site before Town Meeting for updates on issues, voter information and tips for participating if you've never attended. If you have any questions about procedures, how to get involved or would like to arrange to have the Moderator visit your classroom, community group or neighborhood to talk about Town Meeting, please contact me through the Selectmen's office at 508-866-3401.


Staff Contacts

Name Title
Sean Clancey Town Moderator