Earth Removal Committee

Established: June 6, 1990 ATM – Article 34 (By-law adopted under provisions of MGL Ch. 40 s 21, clause 17.)

Appointed By: The Select Board

Membership: “24.3.1 There is hereby established a seven member Earth Removal Committee (E.R.C) consisting three representatives of the Select Board and four additional members to be appointed by the Town Administrator. When E.R.C. is established, one member shall be appointed for a term of one year, one member for a term of two years, and two members for the terms of three years, and their successors shall be appointed for terms of three years.

24.3.2 The membership of the E.R.C. shall be made up as follows: Three representatives of the Select Board, Four members appointed by the Town Administrator, One member from two nominees submitted by the Board of Health, Two members from three nominees submitted by the Carver Grower’s Committee of the Cape Cod Cranberry Grower’s Association, One member who is an earth removal contractor or construction industry person.

In the absence of nominees from one or more of these interest groups, the Town Administrator shall choose members without designation. In no case shall more than two of the appointed members represent the same trade, profession, occupation or business interest. All members shall serve without compensation”


 The purpose of this committee is to promote the health, safety, and general welfare of the residents of the Town of Carver, and to ensure that permanent changes in the surface contours of land resulting from the removal and regarding of earth materials will leave the land in a safe and convenient condition for appropriate reuse without requiring excessive and unreasonable maintenance or creating danger of damage to public and private property, as well as to provide that earth removal activities shall be conducted in a safe manner and with minimal detrimental effect upon the district in which the activities are located. This pertains to all commercial mining, agricultural excavation and excavation due to construction that is not exempt.

Board Members

Name Title
Michael C. Harrison Member - Representative of Select Board
Richard Ward Member - Representative of Select Board
John Mason Member
Scott Hannula Chair - ERC Industry representative
Roger Shores, Jr. Member
Robert Bentley Vice Chair
Judy Richards Member - Select Board Representative