Climate Resiliency

Climate Change Water Resource Vulnerability and Adaptation Strategy Assessment – Town of Carver
Funded under a Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness Action Grant from the
Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy & Environmental Affairs - FY 2018

The Town of Carver has been awarded a FY18 EEA Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness Program Action Grant to conduct a comprehensive climate change vulnerability assessment and management plan that addresses the water sources in the Town including natural impoundments, watercourses, agricultural ponds and canals and fire suppression water sources. The project will consist of a series of technical assessments focused on each type of water infrastructure and associated climate change vulnerabilities, with an emphasis on drought vulnerability.

Under the EEA MVP program a previous grant to the Town funded a Community Resilience Building (CRB) process that identified concerns with water availability for firefighting and agricultural use as high priority items for Carver.  This project will synthesize readily available background information, limited field data collection, together with steering committee and public participation input to guide the development of an integrated climate resiliency management plan focused on drought impacts to firefighting and agricultural water supplies. The plan will include prioritized site-specific and town-wide recommendations to support future implementation projects and identification of potential funding sources. This plan will promote resiliency measures that consider both water resource infrastructure and, where applicable and feasible, natural system solutions.  The integrated management plan is intended to help local decision-makers think more strategically about ways to provide more effective strategies to reduce the impacts of drought .

Deliverables for Tasks 1 through 4 will be posted on the website.  A Public Information Session on the Integrated Management Plan approach will be held at the Town Board of Selectmen Meeting on June 18th at 7:30 PM. The Public is invited to hear the findings to date and the proposed integrated management plan concept.  A draft Integrated Management Plan will be published shortly thereafter and will be posted on the website.  The final Integrated Management Plan will be submitted to the EEA on June 28, 2019.


Baseline Assessment & Project Initiation Memorandum
Map 1A - Exisiting Water Resources
Map 1B - Flooding
Map 2 - Existing Natural Resources
Map 3A - Firefighting Water Supplies
Map 3B - Priority Firefighting Water Supplies
Map 4 - Cranberry Growing Water Supplies