Commission on Disability

Established: At 1990 ATM; revised at 1993 ATM (Art. #59). Revised 5/22/99 Article #51.

Appointed By: Town Administrator Appointment for One - year term.

Membership: The commission membership shall consist of seven (7) voting members. In addition, seven (7) non-voting Associate Members are to be appointed created a lack of a quorum at a meeting, Associate Member(s) shall be eligible to vote to the extent required to make a quorum.

The purpose of the Committee is to coordinate or carry out programs in coordination with programs of the State off of Handicapped Affairs in order to bring about full and equal participation in all aspects of life in the Town of Carver for all people with disabilities. Research problems; coordinate acitvities; review and make recommendations for policies, procedures, services and activities as they affect the people with disablities; encourage public awareness of disability issues.

Board Members

Name Title
John Woods Member
Dave Siedentopf Secretary
Donal Gilbert Member