Privilege Sticker

Town of Carver Privilege Stickers are available at the Permitting Office on the first floor. Cost is $50 for 1 year under age 65; $25 over 65.  You must be a Carver Residential property owner or year-round tenant of a residential dwelling in the Town of Carver.  You must show a license and vehicle registration to obtain a sticker.  One sticker per vehicle registration.

Privilege stickers allow you entry into Rochester Convenience Facility and Marion Transfer Station to dispose of trash and recyclables. 

Transfer Station Information

They also allow you to park at Town of Carver beaches:

  •           John’s Pond, Silva Street
  •           Sampson’s Pond, Lakeview Street

Sticker should be affixed to driver’s side front windshield at bottom.

*new* Transfer Station Policy 

*new* Transfer Station Notice

Carver Residents who only need a sticker to park at the beach can purchase a "beach only" sticker for $10 at the Permitting Department.  License and Registration is required for this sticker as well.  


Out of town residents that need a beach sticker should contact the Select Board's office.