Marriage Intentions and Certificate

Marriage Intentions are required to be filed with a Town Clerk within 60 days of the planned marriage and no later than 4 days prior. In accordance with Massachusetts General Laws there is a 3 day waiting period from the day after the date the marriage intention is filed with the Town Clerk to the date the couple may pick up the marriage certificate.  It is important to consider the office hours of the Town Clerk when planning for this.

Both parties must appear and apply together, but only one person needs to pick up the certificate.

Effective January 28, 2005, blood tests were no longer required in order to marry in the State of Massachusetts.

There are three legal documents to be completed by the couple.  This process may take approximately 15 to 20 minutes to complete.  Please contact the Town Clerk’s office to schedule an appointment.

The filing fee for the Town of Carver is $15.00.  This fee varies from town to town.

Please note:  Where the marriage intention is filed is where the marriage records will always remain regardless of where the ceremony occurred.

Marriage intentions are only valid for 60 days (including the day you apply).

After the ceremony and upon return of the marriage certificate to the Town Clerk’s office from the Officiant, a certified copy of the marriage certificate may be requested.

Certified copies of marriage certificates are $5.00 each.

In circumstances where the couple want to be married in less than the required 3 day waiting period, they must appear before a Judge and apply for a waiver.  The court will charge additionally for this process.