Planning Board

The Planning Board's primary responsibility is to administer the Subdivision Control Law pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 41 in order to ensure the public safety, interest and welfare of the residents of the Town of Carver.  The Board conducts meetings and public hearings in compliance with Massachusetts General Laws to review and consider subdivision plans, Approval Not Required (Form A) plans, site plans, sign permits and special permit applications.

The Planning Board considers and prepares amendments to the Town of Carver Zoning By-laws.  They conduct public hearings on these amendments and on zoning amendments that are submitted to the Board by way of citizen petition through the proper procedures.  The Planning Board is also responsible for developing and updating the Town's Master Plan. 

The Planning Board consists of five members each elected for five (5) year terms.

Board Members

Name Title
James Hoffman Member
Bruce Maki Member
Kevin Robinson Member
William Sinclair Member
Chad Cavicchi Member